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Folding Teak Bath Mat Mildew Resistant Shower Mat With Non Slip Feet

Product Description
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Folding Teak Wood Bath Shower Mat

Folding Teak Wood Bath Shower Mat Review

This Folding Teak Bathmat Gives Adds Luxurious Touch To Your Decor And Easily Rolls Up So You Can Easily Move It Anywhere You Desire.

Handcrafted with Teak Wood, a Versatile Design and a Mold Resistant Sealant, this shower mat is durable enough to be used in the shower, on the bathroom floor or even outside next to your hot tub!

Folding Teak Wood Bath Shower Mat Features

Designed To Conveniently Roll Up - Made With Over 100 Pieces of Teak, you’ll be able to easily bring this mat with you anywhere.

Treated with Artisanal Oils - Reinforcing its Water, Fungi, Mold & Mildew Resistant qualities - affording a rich, better than Bamboo look & durability.

Equipped With 72 Non Slip Gripping Silicone Pads - Ensures that the mat securely holds steady when in use.

Ideal For A Variety Of Uses - Inside The Shower, Outside the Bathtub, Indoors, Outdoors, At The Foot Of Your Hot Tub, Jacuzzi or Spa!

Versatile Size For Use Indoors Or Outdoors - No Assembly Required. Dimensions: 27.5" Length x 19.5” Width x .3" Height

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Other Interesting Facts About Our Teak

  • Extremely high resistance to rot and decay makes Teak The Top Choice for wooden furnishings when water exposure is present.
  • Wooden boat decks are commonly built with this Teak, despite its high price.
  • Incredible decay resistance is mostly attributable to our wood's high oil content.
  • With a Janka rating of 1000lbf, the wood is just hard enough to resist dents and scratches.

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